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Students are admitted from Year 4. Read on for our admissions process and fees. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

The Admissions Process 

  • Contact us for an informal discussion regarding the school’s suitability for your son.
  • Provide copies of any assessments of your son’s needs, such as an EHCP and their latest school report.
  • Arrange a date with us for you and your family to tour the school and meet the Headmaster.
  • Arrange a ‘taster’ period with us.
  • If we’re sure we’re the right place for your son, we offer him a place.
  • A one-off, non-returnable registration fee of £200 is payable when you accept the place offered at Slindon College for your son. It covers the cost of us processing your application and assessing your son’s needs.

Financial Assistance with Bursaries and Discounts 


  • A few bursaries are available. These are means tested and reviewed annually. Please contact Natasha Malby, the Bursar, for further details of our bursary policy and application form.
  • There is a 10% reduction for siblings and for the children of HM Forces personnel.

School Fees 

Registration Fee

A one-off, non-returnable registration fee of £200 is payable when you accept the place offered at Slindon College for your son. It covers the cost of us processing your application and assessing your son’s needs.

Deposit Payable on Entry 2018 / 2019

Deposits are refundable less any outstanding expenses at the end of your son’s last term at the school.

Day Boys




Residents Aboard

50% of Termly Fees

The school fees and fixed expenses below are payable on or before the first day of each term, unless otherwise agreed by separate contractual agreement.

School Fee Per Term 2018 / 2019

Fees at Slindon vary depending upon the individual support programme of the pupil. These are based on the following, and apply to all year groups.

Termly Day Fee:


Termly Boarding Fee:


Temporary / occasional boarding is charged at:

£50 per night

Interventions per term

SaLT £1135
OT £1135
Specialist 1:1 Teaching £1135
SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) £1135

Uniform & Other Expenses


Our Slindon College uniform is designed to be practical, serviceable and smart. All uniform, both new and recycled, is held on site by our Matron, Carole Robinson and can be purchased at any time throughout the school year.

Fixed Expenses

For boarders only (per term)
Laundry charge: £85

For all pupils (per term)
PTA subscription: £5

Insurance (per term)

  • Personal Accident Insurance is included within the termly fee.
  • Optional personal effects insurance: £10.08
  • Optional school fees protection plan: For day boys: 1.37 % of school fee / for boarders: 1.05 % of school fee

Details of insurance cover can be obtained from the Bursar. Please note: we request that very expensive items are not brought in to school unless they are covered by an all risk household contents policy.

Variable Expenses

Other charges may apply for the following areas

  • Intensive learning support
  • School transport
  • Sundries
  • Musical instrument tuition
  • School trips and other specialist coaching
  • Materials for practical subjects

Intensive Learning Support

If your son requires significant 1:1 tuition, additional costs may be incurred. The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) will contact you personally if this is deemed necessary. For more information on what we offer, visit our Learning Support page.

School Transport

Our school minibus transports boys between Chichester and the school in the mornings and afternoons at a cost of £3.50 each way, payable in arrears at the end of each term. Places are reserved on a half-termly basis.

Barnham station is our nearest rail station about 4 miles from the school. The cost of taxi travel, typically about £10 each way at present, is divided equally amongst those pupils using the service, payable in arrears at the end of each term.


Your fee account is charged in arrears for the following items as incurred:

  • Pupil planner
  • Revision guides
  • Stationery
  • Examination fees
  • Other items such as toiletries
  • Materials for practical subjects

Musical Instrument Tuition

Individual tuition can be provided for most musical instruments at a cost of £17.50 per half hour session. Invoices are generated by our team of peripatetic music specialists and are payable to them direct.

School Trips and Other Specialist Coaching

Charges are made to cover the cost of:

  • Transport and entry for school trips relevant to the curriculum such as those to the theatre or to museums.
  • Optional activities where specialist coaching is brought in. Parental permission is sought first.
  • Payable weekend activities for boarders.

Additional Financial Guidance

  • Plan well ahead if possible. Bear in mind that fee increases are usually higher than inflation. This is partly because salaries can represent up to 75% of total costs and also because fees may have to fund spending on facilities.
  • Take expert advice from a professional – someone who knows your individual circumstances and who therefore knows what you want to achieve. It may even be prudent to consult more than one expert.
Help From Others

Family and friends

Close family friends, relatives and especially grandparents are often able and willing to help. If funds are available, trusts can be established. Equity in houses can be released.


Really useful sources of information include:


The Educational Trusts' Forum website 

Some trusts cover particular geographical areas, some particular areas of the curriculum such as technology, and others cover industry sectors such as the motor trade, pharmacists or the Navy.

As you can imagine, trusts receive numerous applications for assistance. They are generally more receptive in situations where parents encounter difficulties some years into their son’s privately funded schooling. Our experience is that applications are more likely to succeed in the case of boarders where there is a strong boarding need due to difficult family circumstances.

Parents Living or Working Outside the UK

The school requires parents living or working abroad to appoint a guardian, resident in the UK who we can contact in an emergency, who will act on behalf of the parent, and who will look after the pupil during half-terms and other times when the school is closed. This must be arranged prior to arrival at the school and contact details of the guardian must be given to the school.

All boys resident outside the UK must be in possession of a valid passport and, where appropriate an entry/student visa. Passports and any other important documentation must be handed in to the House Staff for safe keeping.

Finding a Guardian for your Son

It is important to us that this works well. We can provide a list of guardianship agencies for overseas pupils, with  'bright world' as our preferred choice. Follow the link to their website.