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We understand that finding the right school for your son is a big decision. The admissions process is a key part of this. We aim to make the experience of applying for a place at Slindon College as straightforward and gentle on the child as possible, ensuring that you are confident with your choice and that your son is comfortable and excited about beginning his new adventure with us.

The Admissions Process 

In the first instance, contact us for an informal chat. This is an opportunity to find out more about Slindon College and to discuss whether our school will be a good fit for your son. Slindon College accepts boys from Year 4 upwards.

Next, we will request copies of any assessments of your son’s needs, such as an EHCP and their latest school report. From there, we can arrange a date for your family to tour the school and meet the Headmaster.

A ‘taster trial' will then be arranged, which is an opportunity for both your son and the school to further assess whether Slindon College is the right environment for him.

Once all parties have made the decision to proceed with your son’s application, a non-returnable registration fee of £200 will be payable on acceptance of the place. This covers the cost of processing your application and assessing your son’s educational and pastoral needs.

Boarding Admissions

Whether your son is new to boarding school or making the transition from day to boarding school pupil, the process should always be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. As with any new student, a ‘taster trial' of a 3-5 night stay in the boarding house will be offered, to give your son an idea of what to expect should he begin boarding at Slindon College.

For new students, the boarding admissions process thereafter will be the same as applying for a day pupil place. Once a place is accepted, we will provide all the information you require in order to prepare your son for boarding at Slindon College.

Day and Boarding School Fees 


Day Pupils



Weekly Boarding Pupils (4 nights)



Termly Boarding Pupils



The Day Pupil Fee includes timetabled tuition and activities, stationery, lunch, drinks & snacks, an annual review and Personal Accident Insurance.

Boarding Fees additionally include dinner and breakfast, supervised boarding and evening activities.  Boarding is available from Year 7 upwards.  Boarding weekend activities are charged as an additional cost. Pocket money is charged as an extra at a rate designated by parents for their child.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding is for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and weekly boarders have their own reserved bed space. Weekly boarding is only available to overseas pupils if they have a local Guardian or family member who is providing accommodation at the weekends. If weekly boarders wish to stay an additional night then this will be charged at the Flexi Boarding Fee.

Flexi Boarding

Flexi boarding is subject to availability. Pupils may stay overnight in the boarding house for a boarding activity, dinner, bed and breakfast fee of £50. Flexi Boarders will not necessarily be allocated their own bed space and boarding spaces are not guaranteed.

Additional Tuition/Therapy

Literacy or Numeracy 1:1

(1 session per week)



Speech & Language Therapy

(1 session per week)



Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning

(1 session per week)



Occupational Therapy

(1 session per week)



Learning Support Assistant (full-time)



Intervention Learning Support Assistant


One Off Assessments

Price on request.

English as an Additional Language

(6 lessons per week)

Price on request.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable fee of £200 is payable when an offer is accepted for a place and you register your child for admission.


A deposit is held by the College against Supplementary Charges incurred during a term and invoiced in arrears.  The deposit is added to the initial fee invoice. The deposit will be refunded after the final term fee invoice, usually in August and less any outstanding sums. No interest is payable on deposits.

Deposit and Registration Fee

Registration Fee (non-refundable)


Deposit Day Pupils


Deposit Boarding (Weekly & Termly) Pupils


Deposit Overseas Pupils

Half Termly Fee

Boarding Trial (4 nights)


Payment of Fees

All invoices for fees and supplementary charges are due no later than the first day of each term. We reserve the right to refuse to allow any child to attend school until the fees are paid in full.

Interest will be charged on overdue fees calculated on a daily basis at the rate of 2% per calendar month.

Fees can be paid by either Bank Transfer or by Debit or Credit Card by contacting the Bursar.

Annual Review of Fees

Fees are reviewed annually by the Board of Governors.  Parents will be notified in writing of fee increases in the Summer Term for the following academic year.

Bursaries and Scholarships 


The Board of Governors of Slindon College are committed to broadening access to the College by offering eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with the payment of fees.  Such support is known as a Bursary and these may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 75% on day and boarding fees payable, depending on the financial, compassionate or other pertinent circumstances of applicants.  Bursaries may either be awarded for the duration of the pupil’s education (Fixed Bursary), subject to annual review, or may be for a defined period only.  Requests for financial support usually fall into two categories:

Admissions Bursaries

When a place has been offered to a new pupil but parents/guardians are unable to fund the fees.

Hardship Bursaries

Where a change in parent/guardian circumstances have resulted in difficulty in meeting fees and may result in the pupil being withdrawn part way through a stage of education. Bursaries will not be awarded for the purpose of cancelling an existing fees debt.


Scholarships are financial awards for talented pupils. They may be awarded to those who excel academically or who are gifted in other areas such as; drama, music or sport.  Family income isn’t taken into account when awarding scholarships. Slindon College offers scholarship awards to the value of up to 50% of the day and boarding fees.

Academic Scholarship

The academic scholarship is awarded to a pupil who excels academically. Pupils applying for the academic scholarship will be subject to an academic test.

Open Scholarship

The open scholarship is awarded to a pupil who is likely to contribute exceptionally well to the overall life of the College.

Special Talent Scholarship

The special talent scholarship is awarded to a pupil who excels in one area (drama, music or sport) to a high level i.e. competing or performing at county, national or international level.  The pupil will be required to provide ongoing evidence of their special talent and will be expected to represent the college in their area of expertise.

For further information on Bursaries and Scholarships please refer to the Policy download below. 

Supplementary Charges 

The College makes every effort to keep supplementary charges (incidental expenses or extras) to a minimum but the list below includes those which may be incurred:

Public Examination Fees                           Variable, for pupils sitting exams.

Curriculum School Trips                            No additional charge is made for local

                                                                       curriculum school trips.

Optional School Trips                                 The cost of optional trips is variable.

Duke of Edinburgh Membership              At cost.

Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions                At cost.

Materials for DT/Art/Food Tech/Maths    At cost.

Work Books                                                  At cost.

School Photos                                              Variable.

Uniform                                                        See separate schedule below.

Laundry (Full and Weekly Boarders)       £85 termly

Padlocks                                                      £7 per item

Parents’ Association                                   £5 termly


The College operates a partially subsidised bus service which is charged termly in arrears. Please book transport with the Admissions Officer

Musical Instrument Tuition

Aside from curricular Music lessons the College has peripatetic teachers who teach a broad range of instruments at an additional cost paid directly by the parent to the teacher.  Invoices are generated by our team of peripatetic music specialists and are payable to them directly.

Insurance Schemes

Personal Accident Scheme: the cost is covered within the school fees.

Pupil Absence Insurance Scheme (opt in if required): 0.55% of fees per term.

Personal Effects Insurance (opt in if required): £10 per term.

Details of insurance cover can be obtained from the Bursar. Please note: we respectfully request that very expensive items are not brought in to school unless they are covered by an all risk household contents policy.


The Slindon College uniform is designed to be practical, serviceable and smart. Please refer to the Uniform & Equipment Schedule below for details. All uniform enquiries and orders should be directed to our Housekeeper, Hayley Bouyi.

Additional Financial Guidance 

Plan well ahead if possible. Bear in mind that fee increases are usually higher than inflation. This is partly because salaries can represent up to 75% of total costs and also because fees may have to fund spending on facilities.

Take expert advice from a professional – someone who knows your individual circumstances and who therefore knows what you want to achieve. It may even be prudent to consult more than one expert.

Help From Others

Family and friends

Close family friends, relatives and especially grandparents are often able and willing to help. If funds are available, trusts can be established. Equity in houses can be released.


Really useful sources of information include:


The Educational Trusts' Forum website 

Some trusts cover particular geographical areas, some particular areas of the curriculum such as technology, and others cover industry sectors such as the motor trade, pharmacists or the Navy.

As you can imagine, trusts receive numerous applications for assistance. They are generally more receptive in situations where parents encounter difficulties some years into their son’s privately funded schooling. Our experience is that applications are more likely to succeed in the case of boarders where there is a strong boarding need due to difficult family circumstances.

Parents Living or Working Outside the UK 

The school requires parents living or working abroad to appoint a guardian, resident in the UK who we can contact in an emergency, who will act on behalf of the parent, and who will look after the pupil during half-terms and other times when the school is closed. This must be arranged prior to arrival at the school and contact details of the guardian must be given to the school.

All boys resident outside the UK must be in possession of a valid passport and, where appropriate an entry/student visa. Passports and any other important documentation must be handed in to the House Staff for safe keeping.

Finding a Guardian for your Son

It is important to us that this works well. We can provide a list of guardianship agencies for overseas pupils, with  'bright world' as our preferred choice.