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Pastoral Care

Caring for your son

Our caring boarding staff are on hand to look after the needs of your son.

The Boarding Team oversees the day to day health and well-being of all our boarders. The College doctor is consulted when appropriate and pupils are taken to the local surgery or the doctor will visit the College. You will be contacted at the earliest opportunity in all cases of injury requiring a hospital visit and, for boarders, with any illness lasting more than 48 hours. If your son is to board, we must be provided with National Health Medical Cards (or your country’s equivalent for non-UK residents). Please also ensure that all medical forms in the Parents’ Handbook have been completed and returned to us before the beginning of your son’s first term.


Some boarders go home at weekends. For those that don’t, the routine at weekends is a much more relaxed approach with a late rise on Saturday and Sunday mornings, followed by brunch. On Saturdays, trips are made during the day and evening. On Sunday mornings the pupils are also taken out. For the latest excursions and activities visit our Activities page.

Visiting or contacting your son

If you need to contact your son in an emergency, please contact House staff, the Housekeepers or the front office (in office hours). If your son needs to contact you in an emergency he is of course permitted to use the boarding office phone upon request.

Whilst many activities are laid on at weekends, all pupils are permitted to return home for the weekend if they wish. Please note, that if your son does not wish to participate in weekend activities they will need to return home for the weekend.

We simply ask parents to advise the boarding staff by Wednesday evening at the latest of their son’s plans for that weekend. Parents or relatives wishing to visit pupils during the weekend, may do so by prior arrangement with the boarding staff. Please contact the Boarding House to arrange your visit.

For non-emergencies, the Boarding House has a payphone accepting phone cards and coins for use by pupils, but most pupils have mobile phones (Pay As You Go) which they keep in secure lockers. Calls can only be made or received during free time.

Boarding Contacts


General Boarding Enquiries: +44 1243 814003