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Slindon College Bursary Application

Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances in support of an application for a Grant.

[This questionnaire is in the form recommended by the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association]


Before completing each section of this form please ensure you read the corresponding Notes for Guidance. These can be found at the beginning of each section, where there are any. Please contact the Bursar if you require further information or advice.

The College reserves the right to seek any other documentary evidence in support of the income and asset figures submitted, and to make enquiries which it deems necessary.

All financial values should be shown in Sterling. References to Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) include the relevant national Taxation Authority.


The College respects the confidentiality of bursary awards made to families and recipients are expected to do likewise.

Section 1: CHILD


These are defined as:

· the natural father and mother of the child where they live together (whether or not they are married to each other) and the child normally resides with them both in the same household; or

· the parent of the child with whom the child normally resides and the partner (if any) of that parent where the partner normally resides with that parent and the child in the same household; or

· the child’s guardian appointed in accordance with section 5 of the Children Act 1989 (or any earlier enactment) and the partner (if any) of that guardian where the partner normally resides with that guardian and the child in the same household; or

· the person with whom the child resides in accordance with either:

i. a subsisting residence order made under section 8 of the Children Act 1989; or

ii. any subsisting court order (other than a residence order) which specifies who is to have actual custody or care and control of the child; or

· where a pupil either has no parents as defined above or the College is satisfied that no such parents can be found, and he is either looked after by a local authority or provided with accommodation within the meaning of section 105(1) of the Children Act 1989, the pupil shall be treated as one whose parents have no income for the purposes of the scheme; or

· where none of the above applies, the parent is the person with whom the pupil normally resides in accordance with any informal care or fostering arrangement and that person’s partner (if any) where the partner normally resides with that person and the pupil in the same household.

· If parents are separated or divorced before or while their child attends the School, both mother and father will require to complete and sign the Application Form.

 Father/Step FatherMother/Step Mother
Daytime Tel. Number
Evening Tel. Number
 Father/Step FatherMother/Step Mother
Employed ( insert employer’s name, address and phone number)
Are you a Director or Shareholder or Proprietor of this Company?
If “YES” state proportion of Company or Business you and/or your spouse/partner own
Are you self-employed (complete type of business) / partner in partnership
If a partner, state your share of partnership income and capital, if any
Are you unemployed?
Are you retired?