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Slindon College



About Us

At Slindon College we believe that anything is possible. Our aim is to help every individual find the way that will work best for him.

To achieve our aims; we provide a wide ranging and varied curriculum, supported by a vast array of extra-curricular activities to enable each of our pupils to gain skills, knowledge and confidence that will take them forward to successful careers and happy lives. We want children to enjoy their education at Slindon College, so that they engage with learning. We believe that with the right interventions and support, all young people can overcome any barriers to learning and fulfil their potential.

Our successes speak for themselves; they are achieved by determined and motivated pupils who are supported by dedicated members of staff who have the pupils' interests and happiness at the centre of all they do.

Our website gives you a chance to see some aspects of life in this busy school and to read about what happens here. What is not really possible to convey is the atmosphere of the school, which you will only be able to appreciate by visiting us. To arrange a visit please call us on 01243 814320.

I look forward to meeting you!


Barry McMahon

Acting Headmaster