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School Day & Term

Primary School

9.00 Registration
9.05 Literacy or Numeracy Time
9.20 Reading Time
9.30 Workout Time (Jump Ahead / Listening skills / Team Games / Yoga)
9.40 Lesson 1
10.30 Morning Break Time
11.00 Lesson 2
11.40 Lesson 3
12.15 Lunch Time
13.00 Registration
13.10 Lesson 4
14.00 Afternoon Break Time
14.20 Lesson 5
15.10 Story Time
15.30 Enrichment Activities / Home Time
16.30 End of Day (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday only)

Secondary School

8.30 Registration in Form Groups
8.40 Literacy or Numeracy Time / Friday Church or Friday Assembly
9.10 Lesson 1
10.00 Lesson 2
10.50 Break Time
11.10 Lesson 3
12.00 Lesson 4
12.30 Lunch Time – Sixth Form
12.40 Lunch Time – Key Stage 3
12.50 Lunch Time – Key Stage 4
13.30 Tutor Time / Social Skills or Reading Time
13.50 Lesson 5
14.40 Lesson 6
15.30 End Of Day (Thursday & Friday only) / Snack Available from kitchens
15.35 Enrichment Activities
16.30 End of Day (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday only)

Literacy & Numeracy Time & Reading Time

Primary pupils and Secondary students take part in Literacy or Numeracy every morning, and on a rotating daily basis for the older students. Staff are on hand to boost the confidence of our students in these areas. In the afternoon, the same care is given to reading. Students are assessed in these areas by the relevant teachers and feedback is given. These take place in form groups unless additional support is arranged by the SENCo.

Tutor / Social Skills

For Key Stage 3, a SALT teacher spends one week in three with every tutor group, directing a Social Skills Group with the tutor.

Friday Church / Friday School Assembly

Primary pupils have their assembly on Wednesdays at 15.00. Secondary School students have assembly either as a school, or in small groups at school or church at nearby St Mary’s, Slindon every Friday on a rotating basis. These are led by the Headmaster, Heads of Year, our local vicar or with an outside agency. Assembly is around 25mins at the start of the day.

Enrichment Activities / End of the School Day

On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday all Secondary School students take part in compulsory Enrichment Activities. Students can change their activity every term if they wish. On Thursday and Friday school finishes at the earlier time of 15.30. Primary School pupils must commit to at least one Enrichment Activity.

Great food to fuel your son

All meals are cooked on site by our fantastic catering staff and are eaten in the dining room. The staff sit with the students at meal times which enables them to chat informally over the meal. Special dietary requirements for allergies or religious reasons can be met provided we are advised in advance. In such cases Matron should be provided with full details so she can ensure that your son’s needs are met. Take a look at our menu of upcoming lunch options for the next 1-2 weeks on our homepage.

Break Time Snacks

All Primary pupils and Secondary School students are offered a free snack and drink by the kitchens here at Slindon College! Fruit, Homemade biscuits, cheese straws and more! Pupils can help themselves to water or a cup of tea if they wish. This is supervised by the member of staff on duty.

Term Dates

Download our Term Dates below: