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Core Subjects

In our Primary School, the academic curriculum is geared to Key Stage 2. We employ high quality teaching to constantly build upon your child's chance of success. As each pupil is looked upon as an individual, the curriculum is not set in stone but is planned around the needs and potential of each individual in Years 4 to 6.

English & Literacy

Our aim is to nurture a love for both reading and writing. Our KS2 curriculum focuses on ensuring that our pupils are equipped with the necessary skills required to decode language, as well as an understanding of grammar and punctuation. Our rigorous teaching can equip each pupil with the necessary tools required to understand how to write for the many varied formats that each pupil will experience. Our small classes and differentiated programmes of learning ensure that each pupil learns at a pace appropriate to their ability. Whole school English events such as our annual 'World Book Day', help cement a love for learning. Primary pupils take part in additional morning Literacy on a rotating daily basis. This is to cement the importance of these skills, with staff on hand to boost the confidence in this area. In the afternoon, the same care is given to reading.

Maths & Numeracy

We seek to give our pupils a firm foundation of numeracy skills and strategies. We cover a wide range of topics, with work differentiated to ensure that support or extension work is available as appropriate. Whole school Mathematics events such as 'Pi Day,' aid our pupils learning as they develop a love for Maths. Our pupils have a range of technology at their fingertips. Primary pupils take part in additional morning numeracy on a rotating daily basis. This helps to cement the importance of these skills, with staff on hand to boost the confidence in this area.


We adopt a 'hands-on' approach to encourage interest in experimentation, utilising our interactive technology, our on site animal habitats within our farming facilities, as well as additional school trips to local areas and attractions. The school is equipped with three Science laboratories, complete with all apparatus to aid the pupils to make the leap to KS3 when the time arises. Our termly Science topics range from discovering the dinosaurs to venturing out amongst the stars within our universe. Periodically, pupils are involved in whole school Science events such as 'Moon Day' where they have the opportunity to mix with older students.