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Sixth Form

Slindon College Sixth Form differs from others by providing a full-time and bespoke time table. We offer a tailor-made curriculum that takes our sixth formers into the next phase of their personal and academic development, as well as encouraging them to complete any outstanding GCSE subjects they may require for their future.

Moving on to meet the academic and personal requirement of Sixth Form can be a worry for many young people who can find the change quite daunting. At Slindon College we offer a full support package; including dedicated Sixth Form tutors, Specialist A-Level teachers, English and Mathematics retakes (or alternative qualifications) and of course the knowledge and skills of our Learning  Support department.

Each year the Government publishes league tables for all Sixth Form providers in England and Wales based on their 'value added.' Out of over 4000 providers for 2016/17 Slindon College Sixth Form was rated best in the country and for 2017/18 fourth in the country. Whilst Slindon College is not a league table school, these results indicate the excellent progress pupils made in our Sixth Form.

Academic Programmes for Sixth Form 2017 / 2018

Each Sixth Former has a completely individualised programme of study. As class sizes are small (usually no more then 4) we have a large amount of flexibility in organising an individual programme of study for each Sixth Former. The subjects currently offered are:

  • Art
  • Textiles
  • Photography
  • Graphics
  • Science
  • Information Technology
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Design Technology
  • Land Based Studies
  • Cooking and / or Hospitality
  • Sports Science
  • English
  • Mathematics

Most subjects can be studied at a suitable level, ranging from Level 3 (A-Level) to Level 1.

Music at Slindon College

Music is not offered as part of our Curriculum, but is open to any who wish to take additional lessons or as part of our enrichment programme. Music teachers will come to Slindon for an additional cost and teach during lunch times. Piano, Guitar, Singing and percussion have been some of our most popular choices within the last few years! For full details on your child learning music, please contact our main office.

Reports and Parents' Evenings

All parents are invited to formal parents’ evenings twice a year. There is also the opportunity to meet staff formally and informally at 3.30pm each Friday over a cup of tea. At Slindon we welcome parents’ involvement in their son's education and invite you to phone or use our Portal emailing system if you would like to meet with a member of staff at any other time.

Comprehensive reports are produced at the end of every term.

Friday: Parents' Tea

Every Friday, all parents are invited to meet the teachers and Senior Leadership Team in the Dining Hall for a chat about the week. A free selection of tea, coffee and homemade biscuits from our wonderful kitchens is on hand too.

Caring for your son

The Sixth Form Tutors oversee the day to day health and well-being of all our Sixth Formers. The school doctor is consulted when appropriate and Sixth Formers are taken to the local surgery or the doctor will visit the school. You will be contacted at the earliest opportunity in all cases of injury requiring a hospital visit. Please ensure that all medical forms in the Parents’ Handbook have been completed and returned before the beginning of your son’s first term.