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Staff Survey

This survey is anonymous, however, if a response suggests that someone is at risk of harm, then appropriate action will be taken.

Please answer all questions by clicking one box that indicates your level of agreement for each statement. Honesty is valued, even if you do not know the category, statement or department well.

If you tick disagree, please leave a comment as to why you disagree in the spaces below. This will help the Senior Leadership Team to understand the feedback in order to create change.

 Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon't Know
I am qualified and knowledgeable for the role I am employed to do
I am satisfied with the progress my pupils make
There are opportunities for subject specific training
I regularly seek out opportunities for subject development linked to national trends
 Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon't Know
Pupils develop effective learning skills, including working independently and taking initiative in their learning.
Pupils develop effective decision-making skills both inside and outside the classroom.
Pupils display positive behaviour and attitudes towards others.
Pupils readily help and support others.