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Aims & Values

Statement of Purpose

To give all of our boys access to an education that is tailored to their needs and supported by a dedicated team of professionals who treat them as an individual.


Slindon College is a thriving school community of pupils and staff. We understand that everyone's learning path is different and our aim is to encourage our pupils to reach their potential by providing a supportive, nurturing, calm and impactful environment.

Our core values are reflected in the curriculum and ethos of the College.

What are our Core Values?

The College’s five core values of Empathy, Perseverance, Integrity and Self-worth hold the College and its family of pupils and staff together in a journey of discovery.

Our Vision

Innovative Digital Learning

Slindon College will provide classrooms fit for the technological advances being experienced by our pupils. The College requires its teachers to explore a full range of innovative devices, integrating the shared exploration of these innovations into their planning. The drive for assisted technology across all subject areas will be partnered with the breadth of software directly designed to support the specific needs of our pupils.

Embrace Life- Long Learning

The College provides a curriculum that allows personal development and the breadth of experience that encourages success and life-long engagement with learning. We will introduce Music to the KS3 curriculum and ensure that the Creative Arts are supported.  The strengthening of languages and cultural exploration will prepare our pupils for the global stage; our pupils will grow with others from countries around the world and build international friendships and possible career links for their futures.

Above all, our curriculum will offer the necessary challenges which help build resilience. Not every route is an easy one and the values of application and perseverance are encouraged. Every day presents opportunities for pupils to extend their reach.

Collaborative Learning

Slindon College has recognised the need to prepare pupils for their next steps. When leaving the College, our pupils need to be prepared and equipped for the challenges ahead. We will build links with local colleges and universities that will give our boys the experience needed to make this transition a positive step.

At Slindon we expect our sixth form to experience appropriate work placements, to try out possible careers and to accept the guidance we offer in steering them to an agreed outcome. The parent/College communication link is vital in a unified plan for every pupil’s future.

Working in Partnership

The College will ensure that it is positioned correctly in the current cohort of outstanding independent schools as a vital part of this offer. The College will work hard to develop its place in this network of outstanding provisions which will allow a wider choice for all parents.

The spread of ideas and partnerships that are possible between our schools is key to closing the net that so many young men fall through. Education should be innovative and exciting and offering choice allows a parent the chance to restart their child’s journey, not out of necessity, but through a well-developed plan.

Effective and Integrated Communication

We have supported many pupils in danger of becoming school refusers and returned them to the joy of learning and discovery. We intend to invest in marketing and communicating the message that Slindon College is a primary choice for parents ensuring that this pathway into independent education is known to a wider audience.

Our team will guide parents in their efforts to gain local authority financial support, which is their right; this support will enable the parents to have a choice in the destination of their child’s education. The College gives parents the chance to limit the number of changes in the educational life of their children and thus reduce the anxiety associated with transitions.

Independent School in West Sussex

To find out more about how Slindon College can support your son you can read about our Learning Development Accreditations here.