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We have an inspiring scorecard of Slindon College 'Old Boys' who have gone on to further success, whether via university or directly into industry across the globe.

A Slindon College education enables pupils to develop the essential skills necessary for a fruitful career. The pupils benefit enormously from the advice and example of former pupils and the College is committed to building contact and links with all ex-pupils, for the purposes of:

  1. communicating news about the College and its development;

  2. supporting research into pupils' destinations and careers;

  3. inviting ex-pupils to attend specific events, or to contribute their experience and other resources to activities and projects;

  4. offering further support to old boys as they progress through their lives.

We therefore encourage all our old boys to share their up to date contact details with the school so that they might continue to be part of the family. Please click here to get in contact with us.

Slindon College 'Old Boys'

"I am indebted to Slindon for the support I received over the years of being a student there."

Former Slindon College Pupil