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Block-Based Therapy - Specialist support for social skills in West Sussex

Block-Based Therapy is a child led, play based social skills intervention designed to improve social competence in children with Autism Spectrum Conditions and those with language or social communication difficulties.

Block-Based Therapy sessions aim to promote the development of appropriate social, communication and play skills by working together in groups playing their own 'role' in the session. 

  • Engineer: Oversees the design and makes sure it is followed. The engineer will have the plan of the model being built and requests the parts from the supplier. The engineer also gives detailed instructions to the builder.
  • Supplier: Takes instructions from the engineer as to what blocks to pass on to the builder. They also keep track of the type and colour of the bricks that are needed and gives the bricks to the builder.
  • Builder: Puts the blocks together to make the model under the direction of the engineer.

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