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What our Parents Say... 

"Our son has spent three wonderful years at this amazing school; we will always recommend. He has grown into a confident student, having made friends and enjoyed school life to the full. Thanks to the work and dedication of his teachers and staff he is now ready for his next challenge. He has managed to build up enough resilience and independence to understand about the benefits of change. He understands the importance of getting the best marks possible at his exams so that he can keep his options open for the future." 

Brett & Patricia, Dubai

“A school that listens, which in this day and age is rare. Kind and helpful staff and a school that clearly looks out for the child's best interests.”

Ruth, UK 

" more problems getting our boy to go to school since starting Slindon, in fact we have trouble keeping him off school when he is poorly!"

"...a wonderful school and amazing staff to go with it"

 Glynis, UK

"The school that listens - I have to agree with this wholeheartedly. A school that allows pupils to find what they are best at and then encourages them all the way to success, and also supports them where they need it."

 Debbie, UK

"...the warm, caring, family atmosphere and pastoral care provided by the college has enable our son to overcome many challenges and gain the social and academic confidence to succeed. Being selected as a senior prefect definitely increased his confidence. Slindon has transformed our son from a difficult child into a confident and accomplished young man. We believe this is in good part due to the care and attention Slindon devotes to each individual child. I would strongly recommend Slindon to any parent without a doubt. They truly represent their motto “believe, inspire, succeed”."

Nancy, USA

"In addition to finding the right fit for his academic needs, we knew the overall school atmosphere, ethos and pastoral care would be absolutely critical. Slindon stood out from the beginning as the place that could provide both the resources and the experience to meet his needs, and the warmth and personal commitment that makes for a well functioning and successful community. Before he joined the school I assured my son that Slindon was a place full of kids just like him – smart, normal, fun boys who also struggle with some aspects of learning. And that is just what he found. From the day he arrived, our son has thrived socially, emotionally and academically. While Mum fretted about his readiness for boarding, our son was busy making new friends and exploring his new environs. He is receiving individually targeted interventions from a highly professional team, and is developing greater self-confidence and independence on what seems almost a daily basis. On the phone from school and when at home for holidays, what we see and hear is a happy boy excited by the challenges he meets every day and proud to be part of his school. What parent could ask for more ? " 

Parent of Y7 pupil, Europe


What our Parents Say... 

"It's actually a really good school it has helped me with my reading and writing and much more. The teachers are really supportive and give great advice. I've been here since year 7 and I'm now in year 10. I would defo recommend."

 "...I had never boarded before so it was all quite scary to me. It was also my first time away from home. The Housestaff look after us very well and I know that if I need anything at all I can ask for it – I may not always get it but they are superkind people who always do their best for us. The teachers are very supportive and helpful and they never mind explaining things over and over again until we have all got it. The weekends are fun as there are always off-site trips arranged for us and in the evenings and after school there is loads to do, too. I love sport and play as much as I can but some guys here aren’t that keen on sport and that’s fine, too. In the summer term the swimming pool is open pretty much all of the time which is amazing. There really is something for everyone and they do treat you and respect you as your own person. I am really happy here and would recommend it to anyone. Oh, and the food is brilliant ... very important!"

"...Boarding was new to me but I think I settled in so quickly because it’s a very small school. There is plenty of support in the classroom and all the staff and kind and helpful. They never make you feel silly if you are struggling to understand something. The enrichment activities are fun and the food is amazing!  I think coming to Slindon will give me better opportunities in the future – I have certainly become much more confident."

"...The teachers are all so helpful and there is plenty of 1:1 support available when I need it. Lots of us have 1:1 so you don’t feel any different to anyone else which is good. Some of us have dedicated Learning Support Assistants but the classes are so small that it’s just easier to learn and get help anyway. The Boarding staff are helpful and kind and the boys are generally very supportive of each other. I found the transition to a western diet a bit tricky at first but the food here is very good and I soon adapted. I really enjoy the weekend trips out..."

"...Slindon has been a great experience for me; new people and new surroundings. Thanks to very friendly staff and pupils I was able to adapt to my new environment quickly and happily. I found it so much easier to work in the small classes of 8-10 kids instead of large classes of 25-30 in mainstream. When I became a Year 11 pupil, I became a Prefect which gave me duties and responsibilities – that was good for me, too. I have many great memories..."