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Launched September 2023 Slindon College Preparatory

Slindon College is delighted to announce the launch of their Preparatory (Prep) School from September 2023.

Slindon’s Prep school provides a specialist and highly individualised education to pupils from Year 4 to Year 8. The College continues to offer supportive provision for Year 7 and Year 8 in its secondary school, as well as delivering an adapted curriculum in the new Prep school to ensure a smoother transition for those pupils who may require more time before they start their journey in to secondary education.  The flexibility of this approach allows these pupils to move into the secondary classes when they feel appropriately prepared, based on discussions with parents and teachers.  This dynamic process will leverage the strengths of each pupil and enables transition at any point during the academic year.

Underpinned by the College’s strong pastoral care and small class sizes, pupils thrive as their strengths are understood and called upon to encourage further learning exploration. Slindon College sees pupils enjoying and achieving at school because of its nurturing and happy environment that focusses on individual learning pathways.

At Slindon College, we firmly believe in prioritising the happiness and wellbeing of our pupils. The Prep school will create a nurturing environment that will focus on developing children’s social and emotional resilience as well as providing additional time to secure core skills in Literacy and Numeracy.”

Miss L. Bicker, Head of Prep

The Prep school is situated within what was our Primary school area.

Slindon College’s Prep benefits from full access to the Secondary school facilities, such as swimming pool, Forest School, dedicated Science, Cookery and DT classrooms and the rich learning opportunities that the South Downs National Park countryside has to offer.

Slindon College’s Prep school adds another pathway for pupils’ personal development to excel, in line with its excellent rating as part of the recent ISI Inspection.

An independent Prep School in West Sussex

Slindon College Prep is an independent school in West Sussex, open to boys from Year 4 to 8. Our education focuses on multi-sensory lessons tailored specifically to meet the needs of our pupils. Class sizes are limited so our teachers can provide personalised learning and support to ensure every pupil receives the attention they need to grow and develop. 

A caring, nurturing and supportive Preparatory School

At Slindon College, we see every boy as an individual with their own unique strengths. We believe in developing independent learning and encouraging every pupil to achieve and develop a personal love of school and education.

Most subjects are taught by class teachers in the Prep area.  Art, Design Technology, Music, Drama and SEAL are currently taught by specialist staff in our Secondary School, enabling the pupils to get a taste of life in the wider College.

Whole class teaching takes place around a group table while individual work is carried out at individual workstations to encourage focus and minimise distraction. Each pupil is allocated a workstation and computer and any necessary changes are warned of in advance. Using timers, task sheets, daily visual timetables, tray and box systems pupils can track their own work and progress. The transformation we see in our primary children who have faced challenges in mainstream class settings and have been at risk of school refusing is outstanding.  The boys quickly settle into the highly structured, highly supported Prep where they leave happy and eager to come back the next day.

"Seriously amazing school.

3 weeks in and we have seen a massive transformation in our 8 year old already."

Parent - Facebook, Sept 2020.

The classroom environment is as calm as possible, displays are kept to a minimum using unobtrusive colours, equipment and resources are kept in the same location. There are safe, quiet spaces in the classroom and play corner the boys can go to should they need time to themselves.

Our objective is for the boys to feel confident and secure in College and in all lessons.  We want them to improve their skills across the whole curriculum, especially in Literacy and Numeracy, and we would like them to become more confident at speaking in class and taking part in discussion.  We encourage them to work together in a positive way and make solid and rewarding friendships.  We want them to feel able and happy to try new experiences, enjoy coming to school and, at the end of Prep journey, be ready to move on to the Secondary School.

Specific Learning Difficulties Slindon College Supports

Slindon College supports a wide range of Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) including:

  • Literacy difficulties such as Dyslexia 
  • Numeracy difficulties such as Dyscalculia
  • Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 
  • Dyspraxia

Pupils may be screened on entry to assess their specific difficulties and, where required, enter a Learning Support or Therapy programme of interventions. 

More information about Learning Support at Slindon College.

Academic Overview 

In our Prep School the academic curriculum is geared to Key Stage 2.  As each pupil is seen as an individual, the curriculum is not set in stone but is planned around the needs and potential of each individual.

Programmes of Study

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Education
  • Art
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • PE and Games
  • Design Technology/Cookery
  • Information Technology
  • Forest School
  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
  • Drama
  • Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)
  • Music

We operate a three year rolling scheme of work.

The School Day 

The school day runs from 9.10am-15.30pm/16.30pm and is planned to suit the individual needs of each pupil. Lessons are divided into smaller units of work, using multisensory stimuli to improve the communication of ideas, visuals are used through-out and there are frequent exercise and sensory breaks. Timers allow pupils to know how long they have to focus and task sheets informing the pupils about the content of each session.  We base work around individual interests where possible and try hard to encourage independence within each lesson.

Literacy or Numeracy Time & Reading Time

Primary pupils take part in Literacy or Numeracy time followed by our Drop Everything and Read session every morning to boost the confidence of the pupils in these areas. 

Break Times 

Break times are supervised by the Prep staff and are held in either the Prep Play Corner, a designated area in the woods or on the playing field. Water with fruit, homemade biscuits, cheese straws and more are available on rotation.

Food to Fuel Your Son

All meals are cooked on site by our catering team and are taken in the Dining Room. Our meat and vegetables are all purchased through local, well-regarded suppliers. Pupils are offered a choice of two delicious main courses (one of which is a vegetarian selection), jacket potatoes, plain pasta with sauce for those with sensory needs or salad from our salad bar. Pupils can add homemade soup, smaller salad bowls, puddings, yoghurts and fruits. 

To view the menu for the next 1-2 weeks click the utensils icon on the right of the screen.

Staff sit with the pupils at meal times and this encourages opportunities for informal conversation and an improved chance of better table manners. We find this is a golden opportunity for staff/pupil engagement and the development of stronger collegiate approaches, often the biggest problems can be solved around the dining table.

Special dietary requirements for allergies or religious reasons can be met provided we are advised in advance. Please note our Allergen Information: All our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts, gluten and other allergens are present and our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients. Full allergen information is available on request.

Enrichment Activities/End of the School Day

A range of after-school enrichment activities complement the daily curriculum and the prep pupils can choose if they wish to attend these: 

  • Monday: Personal Development Activities, including SaLT & Mindfulness (in Houses)
  • Tuesday: Subject Specific Activities: including Swimming, Art & Drama (own choice)
  • Wednesday: House Activities

Enrichment activities run from 15:30pm until 16.30pm and are perfect for growth and development since they allow Prep and Secondary pupils to mix in a fun and shared learning environment. The Prep pupils are encouraged to join in as much as possible with enrichment activities.

More information about Enrichment Activities.


Prep pupils have an assembly led by the local vicar on alternate Wednesdays at 15.00 for 25 minutes focusing on themes linked to the wider world. 

Further Information 


Running through the heart of Slindon College is its vertically tiered House system. This system aims to facilitate associations and bonds between the different year groups. By fostering a sense of pride, encouraging team building, community spirit and peer mentoring, it promotes involvement in competitions, and develops social skills not just with fellow peers but with pupils of different ages. Primary pupils are allocated to a House and are encouraged to join in with as many House activities as possible. The colour of the pupils tie correlates to the House they are in: Cowdray (Yellow), Norfolk (White), Richmond (Red) and Sussex (Blue).

More information about the House System.

Cross-Curricular Theme Days

Whole school cross-curricular theme days are held termly. Primary boys will join their House to learn collaboratively with different year groups across multiple subjects offering a different way of learning which can deepen understanding and foster critical thinking. The day usually culminates in a project or performance where they can apply their learning.  Such days prepare pupils to learn and work together which is more reflective of real life, a training opportunity for future interactions.

School Trips

The Primary staff lead at least one external school trip per term expanding the understanding of the pupils and linking their learning to real life experiences.

Parents' Tea

We believe in nurturing strong and lasting relations with parents to create communications which help your child make the most of their time with us and develop as they learn. Parents’ Tea every Friday at 3:30pm in the dining hall provides an opportunity for all parents and carers to have an informal chat and a cup of tea with teaching staff and the Senior Leadership Team.  We value the contribution parents make to the life of the College and welcome your questions, ideas and comments. 

Parents' Mornings and Reports

Primary parents can liaise with staff informally at the end of each school day. For more formal feedback parents are invited in termly on a Friday morning to view their son's work and talk to staff. 

Comprehensive reports are produced at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms for Primary pupils available on the Parent Portal.


During the Summer Term we hold a transition week which gives the Prep pupils the chance to experience the wider College, it's different classrooms and enjoy time with the specialist teachers ready for their journey into Secondary. 

Furthermore we recognise the potential academic and social drop off between KS2/3 when the traditional mainstream approach of one classroom and one teacher changes to a new model of multiple classrooms and subject teachers with their specialised approaches to subject matter. Our more sensitive pupils can find this very confusing and it can add to their anxiety levels.  Slindon College offers the option of continuing in Prep up to and including Year 8 for those pupils who may require more time before they start their journey into secondary education. Lessening the movement and introduction of new teachers and approaches results in reduced anxiety levels. 

"We wanted to say a huge thank you for introducing the year 7 group this year. It is such a good idea.  This has worked really well for [my son] and his integration into the main secondary school has been very positive."

Parent, Email to Headmaster Sept 2020.

Contact Slindon College

Sitting in the beautiful county of West Sussex, Slindon is a peaceful village, located just four miles west of Arundel and six miles north-east of Chichester.  To find out more about Slindon College and what we can do for you and your son please enquire.