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Slindon College is an independent day and boarding school for boys aged 8-18, set in the historic Slindon House, located in the South Downs National Park

Slindon College provides outstanding transformative education and pastoral care for boys who thrive in a specialist learning environment. The impact of our stimulating surroundings provides a meaningful setting for a broad and balanced educational experience.

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What people say about Slindon College

  • A Slindon College pupil...

    A Slindon College pupil...

    Before joining Slindon College, Caleb attended a large International school in Hong Kong but he struggled to fit in with his neuro-typical, self-motivated and confident peer group.
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  • International immersion experience

    International immersion experience

    "We were lucky to discover Slindon College, where they welcomed us from the first moment wonderfully. At Slindon classes have fewer students so León got more individual attention. From the beginning, they helped us to find the extracurricular activities that our son likes."
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  • Parent of Year 11 pupil - July 2022

    Parent of Year 11 pupil - July 2022

    The meticulous planning, support, energy and encouragement that you all provide is truly exceptional. I don't know of any other school that would go to the lengths that [Slindon] goes to. I am beyond grateful that [my son] has this opportunity. Every member of staff goes above and beyond their job roles and shows their true dedication to the boys.
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  • Parent of Primary Pupil December 2021

    Parent of Primary Pupil December 2021

    "My son started this wonderful school in September 2020. He loves learning in such a supportive school with kind, understanding teachers. He is always excited about going to school as every day is interesting and busy. I couldn’t recommend Slindon College more if you need a specialist school that will give your son a bespoke education around his needs."
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  • Parent of Year 9 Pupil - July 2022

    Parent of Year 9 Pupil - July 2022

    "To see [my son] happy and not overwhelmed, to see him chatting and joking with his teachers and introducing me to his friends. To see him relaxed and see him surrounded with like-minded boys is more than I could have ever hoped for him."
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  • Overseas Parent - March 2020

    Overseas Parent - March 2020

    "As a parent who lives so far away, no words are enough to express my gratitude for the care my child is receiving. He is thriving immensely at Slindon College. [...] all the staff at Slindon recognise that there are so many parts that make up an individual. The world would be such a better place if there were more colleges such as Slindon."
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  • An international boarding pupil...

    An international boarding pupil...

    Brandon joined Slindon College from Hong Kong as a year 7 pupil in 2019. Brandon’s education and school life in Hong Kong was difficult due to a diagnosis of autism, a condition that worried his family as a common belief in Hong Kong is that people with autism do not reach their potential. At first, Brandon’s parents struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis and enrolled him at a mainstream school.
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  • Parent of Leaver - August 2020

    Parent of Leaver - August 2020

    "I wish to thank everyone at Slindon for their support. [My son] would not have the future now ahead of him without you all."
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  • School Leaver July 2020 - Destination The BRIT School

    School Leaver July 2020 - Destination The BRIT School

    I can't thank any of you enough [...]. I wouldn't be where I am now without the constant help, support and care from all of you. I'm off to start a new chapter [...] but I will never forget Slindon and how much you helped me.
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  • Boarder - October 2022

    Boarder - October 2022

    "...I had never boarded before so it was all quite scary to me. It was also my first time away from home. The Boarding Team look after us very well and I know that if I need anything at all I can ask for it – I may not always get it but they are super kind people who always do their best for us. [...] There really is something for everyone and they do treat you and respect you as your own person. I am really happy here and would recommend it to anyone. Oh, and the food is brilliant ... very important!"
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