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Additional Financial Guidance

Parent's and carers may want to undertake expert advice from a professional – someone who knows your individual circumstances and who therefore knows what you want to achieve. It may even be advisable to consult more than one expert.

Consider that fee increases are usually higher than inflation and forward planning is prudent.

The information given below is provided for informative purposes. Slindon College is not able to give specific advice or guidance for individuals.

Potential Sources of Financial Support

Family and friends

Close family friends, relatives and especially grandparents are often able and willing to help. If funds are available, trusts can be established. Equity in houses can be released.


Notable Trusts include:

Some trusts cover particular geographical areas, some particular areas of the curriculum such as technology, and others cover industry sectors such as the Motor Trade, Pharmaceuticals, Textile industry or the Navy.

As you can imagine, trusts receive numerous applications for assistance. They are generally more receptive in situations where parents encounter difficulties some years into their son’s privately funded schooling, putting pre-existing school placements in jeopardy, particularly in GCSE years. Many of the grants are modest in size. 

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