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Secondary School

The perfect learning environment

With no more then 10 to a class, a glorious National Trust house and sweeping views of the south downs, Slindon College really is the perfect learning environment. As an independent school, we do not appear in the Government league tables for 11 - 16, however our own data shows a value added of around 0.9; this would place us within the top 50 schools out of over 6000 in England and Wales.

Friday: Parents' Tea

Every Friday, all parents are invited to meet the teachers and Senior Leadership Team in the Dining Hall for a chat about the week. A free selection of tea, coffee and homemade biscuits from our wonderful kitchens is on hand too. Periodically students' work is also showcased at these intimate events.

Caring for your son

Matron oversees the day to day health and well-being of all our students. The school doctor is consulted when appropriate and students are taken by Matron to the local surgery or the doctor will visit the school. You will be contacted at the earliest opportunity in all cases of injury requiring a hospital visit. Please ensure that all medical forms in the Parents’ Handbook have been completed and returned to Matron before the beginning of your son’s first term.