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A Magical World Book Day for 2024

Slindon College once again joined schools throughout the globe to celebrate World Book Day...

Merlin's beard! What an amazing World Book Day, with so many pupils and members of staff joining in! The event was organised by Mrs Nash (Head of English) and her creative team!

We celebrated this year by theming our lessons to the 'Harry Potter' book series by author J.K. Rowling! The pupils had fun delving into Potions in Science, helping out the goblin bank tellers in Maths and some even got to play a game of Quidditch in PE!

Cosplay fun!

This year, we encouraged pupils and staff alike to dress up as their favourite literary book character, just to prove you are never too old to join in the fun! We had an amazing response, with some incredible effort put in throughout the College! Well done to Kieren in Prep who won the Cosplay Competition for spellbinding attention to detail!

Sorting Ceremony & House Quiz

Our Harry Potter themed fun included an interactive 'Sorting Hat' ceremony in our very own Great Hall. 

Once sorted by the mysterious voice of the Sorting Hat, the four Magical Houses took part in a Book Day Quiz!

Well done to the Ravenclaw team, who won!


Thanks to Mrs Nash (Head of English), Mrs Seaby (Head of Richmond) & Mrs Lucas (Intervention Support) for such a great experience! 

Potter Themed Lessons

Herbology (Maths) was interrupted after sightings of Horcuxes! There was only one thing to do...find them all and destroy them before time runs out! Plus the Gringotts goblins were on strike, which meant our pupils had the challenge of converting galleons, sickles and knuts into UK muggle currency!

Professor Snape swapped potions for the Quidditch pitch today! Three hoops, beaters, seekers and a little sprinkle of book day magic added to a spellbinding PE (sorry...Quidditch) afternoon for KS3!


In Drama...(sorry) In Defence Against the Dark Arts the pupils in Prep were learning the different spells they'll need to defend against dark magic! They took part in a variety of team Drama games which made for a fun start to the day!  And can you guess what was going on in Potions class ? Certainly looks fun for our lucky KS3 pupils.

Themed Lunch!

Our talented catering team put together a magical book-themed lunch, which also included a surprise or two! These included delicious Harry Potter Sorting Hat cakes for dessert! The creamy filling revealed the colour of their Hogwarts School House!


Headteacher, Mrs Vlahodimou said:

"Another fantastic World Book Day! I am so proud of all the work that our pupils, teachers, staff and parents have put into this massively successful whole school event."

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