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Anti-Bullying Week

Slindon College took part in a special Anti-Bullying week to raise awareness for the cause. The students and staff wore odd socks as an opportunity to encourage all to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes them all unique!

As part of the week, the students took part in several anti-bullying workshops within House Time, and even put together a unique song in Music about bullying and it's effects.

The week concluded with an online assembly streamed around the school via Google Classroom and contributed to by each House. Each House focused on a different aspect of bullying and explained it in a creative way. Norfolk tackled: 'What is bullying?' with Richmond asking 'How does it make you feel?'

Sussex looked at 'Why might people bully?' with Cowdray deciding what we can do about bullying.

The assembly also featured readings and poetry.

Well done to all the students for taking part. To see the full range of photos and listen to our wonderful Anti-Bullying music by Primary and KS3: visit our Facebook page!