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Earth Day

Earth Day becomes Earth Week at Slindon College!

Earth Day is an annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

The theme for Earth Day 2024 is Planet vs. Plastics and to mark that has called for a 60% global reduction in plastic production by 2040.

In November 2023, to bring public attention to the health threat that microplastics pose, released its report Babies vs. Plastics, which collated some of the latest science on the subject. The Global South are the most impacted by exposure to microplastics.



Slindon College pupils of all Key Stages have joined forces in Science sessions today to research this topic and create a fantastic information board for future pupils!

The pupils will take part in events all week to contribute, making Earth Day...Earth Week!

Thank you to Mrs Yusuf-Meighan (Head of Science) for organising a great day!