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This Greenpower Season comes to a close and the final was close!

Another fantastic year of gripping heats and a final that was the toughest yet! Here's a look back at Slindon College's Greenpower Season.

Greenpower Education Trust is a UK based charity with an outstanding track record in kick-starting careers in engineering. They help unlock potential and spark enthusiasm for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) through the excitement of motor sport.

At Slindon College, we take part in Greenpower! Inspiring young people to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through a unique challenge: to design, build and race an electric car.

Lightning 1 started off the season with a second place win at Goodwood Motor Circuit on 9th May 2021. Our F24+ car is driven by sixth former Ryan C. The second heat proved just as successful with Ryan achieving another second place win. This time at Dunsfold Park (the home of BBC TV show 'Top Gear') on 12th September. These two excellent results meant Slindon College qualified for the Greenpower International Final!

Our older car, Relentless, is slower than Lightning and therefore is entered in to the F24 race at the events. Driven by younger pupils we obtained 22nd place in the first heat at Goodwood and then an impressive 5th at the second race at Dunsfold Park. Again, this enabled the car and the team to qualify for the final!

Our Headmaster, Mr Birkbeck turned cameraman to interview some of the team at Dunsfold Park. You can find the video on our Facebook page!

The pupils that competed at Dunsfold Park, may have noticed a new addition to one of the cars before the start of this race - over the summer holidays it had been signed by @msvr_official owner and Formula 1 driver Jonathan Palmer!

The final races, held at Goodwood Motor Circuit were fiercely competitive. Relentless placed in 24th position, which out of 68 cars is no mean feat! Lightning 1 achieved an admirable 5th place. Every single team member should be proud of there input and effort.

"This season was Lightning 1's first full season since 2017. Relentless was in its 10th season of Greenpower racing so achieving 24th place is a very good result."

Mr Burbidge, Head of DT and Greenpower.

Greenpower is organised and run by Mr Burbidge, Head of DT. Thanks should also go to Mr Woodburn and Mr Flint for their help and support at the events.

Greenpower Season returns next Spring.

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