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Summer Activities Week 2024

A week bursting with activities!

Slindon College has a tradition of hosting Summer Activities Week for the final week before the Summer Holidays. A time to relax, let loose and try new things with three days packed full of fun! This year was organised by Mrs Miles (Assistant Head) with so many things to see and do for our pupils, all leading up to the Prize Giving event on the final afternoon.

- Talent Day

- Exploration Day

- History in Action Day



Talent Day

Congratulations to talented pianist Flynn F. (KS3) who was voted by the pupils to win the very first 'Slindon's Got Talent' with his own composition . He even received a 'gold buzzer' from our judges: Ms Coffey (Assistant Head), Mrs Johnson (English & Performing Arts Team), Mr Lloyd (Humanities) & Miss Sacre (Art).

Other gold buzzers were awarded to plate spinner George O (KS3) and singers Matthew G. (KS3) and 'Zain and Friends' (Sixth Form). There was even a rendition of 'Super Trouper' by ABBA performed by our Senior Leadership Team including Mrs Vlahodimou (Headteacher)! Lighting was organised by pupil Robert D. (KS3).

The event was put together by Mrs Seaby (Performing Arts Team & Head of Richmond) and her team.

Mrs Seaby said:

"It was a pure delight to see our talented pupils on stage showing us such a wide range of talent! Each put their heart and soul into their performances - bring on next year!"

It was our sporty pupils' time to shine that afternoon as talent turned to discus, shot-put, long jump and a series of running races! The pupils were joined by parents and carers, who followed the activities round the pitch on foot.

Congratulations to Norfolk House for winning the event overall!

The event was organised by Mr Dickinson (Head of PE) and his Sports Team. He said:

"I am always proud of our pupils' hard work, dedication and all round sportsmanship. A huge well done to Norfolk House!"


Thank you also to Mrs Lucas (Intervention LSA) & Mrs Helyer (English LSA) for totting up the scores.

Exploration Day

Thank you to the team at nearby Arundel Wetlands Centre for putting together a whole day of such a fantastic range of fun activities!

Exploring the natural world included a boat trip, pond dipping and looking at the varied types of amazing birds and insects. Even Mrs Vlahodimou couldn't help but join in the fun!


The event was led by Mrs Seaby (Head of Richmond).

History In Action Day

A day like no other at the College! A trip back in time for historical re-enactments, archery, 'Hawking About' (quite literally!) and dressing up!

It was a truly amazing and fully immersive day packed full of activities! Thank you also to Wellingtons Artillery and Hawking About.

The event was pieced together by Mrs Draper (Head of Norfolk), who said:

"This was a truly unique and hands-on immersive experience for our pupils and was a tremendous success! Thank you to all our staff, parents, carers and guests for making the day work so beautifully!"

We can't wait to find out what is in store for Summer Activities Week 2025!