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Talent Agency selects their Slindon College Movie Makers!

As part of a special in-house competition, the Slindon College Drama Department, led by Mr Bentley-Angell - teamed up with Film, TV and Theatre Talent Agency: Rebecca Middleton. The students had the task of creating their favourite a minute!

It is fair to say that our students rose to the challenge, offering a huge array of creative short movies which saw role play, stop motion animation and 2D animation take centre stage, using their vast Drama and ICT skills to film, edit and craft these creations.

A huge congratulations to our winners who will receive their prizes when we return to school.

The agency selected Chun Lai (Year 7) as our FIRST PLACE WINNER. He will receive a £10 Amazon Voucher  for his animated version of 'Captain Underpants.'

In second place is Indiana Flack (Year 7) with 'Star Wars' - a stop motion animation that he crafted entirely using Lego! He wins a £5 Amazon Voucher!

Both of the winning films, (along with all those submitted) are available to watch on our Slindon College Facebook page: 

The agency said "We were so impressed with the level of creativity from Slindon College, with students really thinking outside the box to make their films. We may be seeing some future filmmakers of the future!"

A huge congratulations to everyone who took part at Slindon College!