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Vive la France!

France came to Slindon College, with a whole day dedicated to an array of exciting activities, all with a unique French twist! Following the enormous success of our previous whole school event days: our Science 'Moon Day,' our Maths 'Pi Day' and of course our traditional English 'World Book Day,' today saw our first Modern Foreign Language Day. The students arrived in home clothes, mirroring the casual dress code of French schools, and in their Houses, took part in the following tasks:

Drame à l'hôpital!

Led by Mr Glyn Bentley-Angell (Drama), Miss Sandy Monk (Primary) and Miss Elodie Grabe (SaLT), the students played a variety of Drama games centred around the parts of the body! Using some important French phrases, they began to learn to say what parts of their bodies were in pain! All members of the school joined in and had a go, with most even showing their French role plays to the whole group! Well done in particular to Owen Copleston who won just about every game! C'est Super!



Mathématiques et les Monuments! 

Led by Mrs Teresa Miles (Maths), the students applied French to their Maths skills. The students learnt to count and plot points in French, creating incredible line drawings of famous French monuments such as Le Tour Eiffel and L'arc de Triomphe! They also learnt about some French Mathematicians!

J'adore le Sport!

Led by Mr Tom Belcher (PE) and Mr Will Quick (Humanities), the students battled the elements, indoors and out as they attempted an array of popular French sports, featuring Basketball, Bowling, orienteering and many more!


Art de France!

Led by Mrs Joanne Middleton and Mr Peter Saysell (Art & Graphics), the boys took a glance at the famous French artists, the students created their own unique pieces using a range of materials! These inspiring pieces were then presented to the school, and impartial students from each house chose the winning pieces! Well done to Ben Simons, Patrick Bridger, Leyton Partridge and Ben Randall for their wins!


As part of the day, the students and staff also sampled French cuisine at lunch time with a special menu made by our chefs! Such an exciting day for all! Well done to all the students for their efforts, and of course our wonderful staff for organising such a great event!