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New Uniform to be worn from Wednesday 4th September 2019

In a continued effort to improve standards at the College we will be changing the uniform effective from Wednesday 4th September 2019.

All Slindon College students will be expected to be in correct school uniform from the first day of the new Autumn / Winter Term which commences Wednesday 4th September 2019. Full details of the new school uniform can be found below as a downloadable PDF.

If you have been unable to procure a Slindon College Blazer or Slindon College House tie, please arrive at school on Wednesday 4th September wearing all other parts of the new uniform correctly; this will include buttoned up white shirt with navy blue tank top, grey trousers and smart black shoes. All Sixth Form students should dress according to their new dress code which can also be found on the downloadable PDF below.

Research suggests that a smarter uniform helps to foster a sense of community and pride amongst students and improves the community's perception of the College. The College wants its uniform to be smart and easily understood, allowing all pupils to take pride in their appearance whilst being cost effective to parents and easy to purchase and replace. The College has linked its uniform to the M&S Autism range for those students who have sensory needs. During trials of the uniform students responded incredibly enthusiastically and we look forward to a fresh start to the next academic year.

The school tie stripes should correspond to the new school House that the student has been placed in by The Sorting Hat last year:

SUSSEX - Blue stripe tie
RICHMOND - Red stripe tie
COWDRAY - Yellow stripe tie
NORFOLK - White stripe tie

In an effort to reduce the financial pressure of this uniform improvement, we have selected a Games and PE kit which consists of the current uniform with the only addition being the House Socks. Additionally the College will fund, for existing pupils, the initial purchase of the Blazer and Tie.

The attached PDF provides full details and the images show the Primary and Secondary Uniform. Please return any unwanted uniform to the College who will pass this on to the PTA for charitable purposes.

We look forward to welcoming you all back for the 2019 / 2020 school year!


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