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Staff Survey

Please answer all questions by clicking one box that indicates your level of agreement for each statement. Honesty is valued, even if you do not know the category, statement or department well.

If you tick 'Disagree' or 'Don't Know', please leave a comment as to why you disagree in the spaces below. This will help the Senior Leadership Team to understand the feedback in order to create change.

This survey is anonymous however, if a response suggests that someone is at risk of harm then appropriate action will be taken,

 Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon't Know
The school listens to children and takes any requisite action.
The school deals promptly and correctly with any concerns about pupils' welfare.
The school would deal promptly and correctly with any concerns about the conduct of adults towards children.
I would have no reservations about using the school's whistleblowing policy if my concerns about a child are not being taken seriously.
My safeguarding training equips me to deal effectively with any concerns about pupils which may arise.
The school provides clear guidance to pupils and staff about keeping safe online.
 Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon't Know
The school promotes a positive culture where any instances of sexist, racist, misogynistic or other discriminatory behaviour are consistently addressed.
The school promotes good behaviour, including the appropriate and consistent use of rewards and sanctions.
All staff are alert to any issues of sexual harassment and respond consistently and robustly.
The school recognises and deals effectively with all types of bullying.
The school has effective health and safety and safety procedures, including for those which minimise the spread of COVID-19 infection when necessary.
The school trains staff to respond appropriately to fire emergencies.
The school trains sufficient staff to respond appropriately to medical emergencies.
The school ensures suitable supervision of pupils during the school day.
The school ensures suitable supervision of pupils on off-site activities.
Staff receive adequate training to assess and mitigate any risks effectively.
 Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon't Know
The school actively promotes and encourages tolerance and respect for others, including those with protected characteristics such as sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability, race, religion and belief.
The school treats all pupils fairly, whatever their gender, faith, race or needs.
Pupils display positive behaviour and attitudes towards others.
Pupils develop effective learning skills, including working independently and taking initiative in their learning.
The school meets the needs, of pupils with particular needs, characteristics or disabilities.
Pupils develop effective decision-making skills both inside and outside the classroom.
Pupils readily help and support others.
The school has a culture that encourages calm and orderly conduct and is aspirational for all pupils.
Pupils are challenged to make good progress.
 Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon't Know
Boarding provides an effective balance of free time and activities in boarding time.
Boarders with any particular needs are supported effectively.
Boarding practice helps pupils to settle in well when they start boarding.
Boarders are provided with adequate food, including snacks and drinking water.
Boarders are able to contact friends and family easily.
Boarding accommodation, including social and washing areas, is comfortable.
Boarding areas are secure and access is suitably controlled.
Boarders are suitably looked after if ill or injured.
Procedures for fire drills for the boarding accommodation are known and carried out effectively.
The boarding experience supports pupils' academic progress.
The boarding experience contributes effectively to pupils' personal development.
 Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon't Know
The leadership promotes the wellbeing of all pupils.
The leadership support staff well in managing behaviour.
The leadership do all they can to ensure the school has a motivated, respected and effective staff team.
The leadership encourage staff to express their views about the educational and welfare provision.
The leadership respond timely and effectively to any matters raised.
I have a clear understanding of the goals the school is trying to achieve.
The school is well led and managed.
All staff are treated fairly and with respect at the school.
I have opportunities to further my personal development.
I am proud to be a member of staff at this school
The Governors are engaged and supportive of the school and its staff.
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