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COVID-19 Staff Risk Assessment

This questionnaire should take no more than a few minutes to complete.
The questions asked are specific and relate to the known COVID-19 risk.
Please ensure you complete the questionnaire accurately as this will enable an assessment of your personal "risk" category which will form any necessary adjustments to your normal way of working when the College re-opens.
All information provided is confidential and will be used to assign a risk level. The purpose is to reduce risk and protect staff and pupils.

Please select your age range
Are you pregnant?
Do you fall in to the Government's category of 'clinically extremely vulnerable' as described on the NHS website?
Does a household family member fall in to the Government's category of 'clinically extremely vulnerable' as described on the NHS website?
Do you have any of the following conditions?
Do you have a weakened immune system caused by a medical condition?
Do you take any medications (such as steroids)?
Are you undergoing chemotherapy?
Are you eligible for a Flu vaccination because of a chronic health condition?
Have you been admitted into hospital in the past three months?
Have you been unwell with COVID-19 symptoms in the past 12 weeks?
Have you had a positive swab test for COVID-19?
Have you been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and asked to self-isolate?
Will you have travelled to a country this summer that requires a 14 day self-isolation on return to the UK? (A list of countries can be found on the Government website)
Are you working in a pupil facing role? (direct contact with pupils)
Are you happy to continue in your role when the College reopens provided that you are reassured that the College has made all necessary adjustments in line with Government guidance around safe working practices?
Assuming that all schools are open, are there any other circumstances which would mean you are unable to return to your usual way of working when the College re-opens? (individual responses may be followed up by line managers)