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Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium+ are sums of money allocated by Local Authorities for the purpose of narrowing the gap in attainment between different groups of pupils. The basis of this allocation is taken from the DfE School’s Consensus which is returned in January of each year. Under guidelines issued by the Government the grant must be spent by the College for the educational benefit of pupils registered at that College.

The College has received £6,975 for the current academic year, 2019/2020. Pupil Premium received in 2018/2019 was £6,545, and for 2017/18 £6,245. Other funding was added to these amounts year on year in order for us to support all pupils whom we believe would benefit from increased intervention.

Our Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium+ funding is variable from year to year, consequently we therefore have made the decision as a College to add additional funds to the amount received so as to make them as effective as possible in the activities selected, and thereby ensuring they really do make a difference to those pupils who attract the payments.

Specific Spend 2019/2020 £6,975 
Activities Selected  What it does  Targeted Pupils  Cost 
Laptops for Science and English Provides an improved ratio of laptops, improving pupils' access to technology for the recording of their ideas and promoting skills associated with the structuring and organisation of ideas into effective responses. PP pupils and all pupils £2,000
iPad Aids the delivery of the Mathematics syllabus and provides additional resources supporting the acquisition and development of pupils' numeracy skills through the targeted software packages available. PP pupils and all pupils £2,000
Specific Spend in 2018/2019  £6,545 
Interactive screens for three classrooms  The screens aid interaction and communication in the ways teachers teach and pupils learn. Chiefly, they provide a platform by which pupils become more engaged in the learning by interacting with the classroom display in order to present their ideas and test their understanding.  PP pupils and all pupils  £6,000 
iPads Targeted software to support dyslexia in the classroom. Support for all subjects and links to the new interactive screens to engage pupils more in the class.  PP pupils and all pupils  £2,000
Library iPad   To diversify the IT option in the library, making use of it as a teaching area and linking technology to storytelling.  PP pupils and all pupils  £2,000